Sunday, September 26, 2010

Law Faculty bags another regional scalp

The RV Debating tournament (RVDT) was held from the 18th -21st September 2010 at RV College of Engineering, Bangalore. 46 teams from around India and other parts of South Asia took part in the event (now in its 2nd year). The difference between RVDT and many other debating tournaments is that it allowed for mixed teams (teams mixed between institutions) and independents to participate as debaters. The achievements of the Faculty of Law of the University of Colombo at this tournament are as follows.

1. FOLC-A team (which included David Rajasingham, Luwie Ganeshathasan and Shamalie Jayatunge) emerged the winner of the competition. The team had 4 out of 6 wins in the preliminary rounds. Their only two losses came against Nanda Cross (whom they met in the finals). They beat IIT Bombay A in the quarter finals (on a 2-1 split), National Law school of India University B at the semi-finals (5-0). In the Finals they beat Nanda Cross which included Sharmila Parmanand (see below for Sharmila’s debating CV) Vipul Nanda (see below for Vipul’s debating CV) and Harini Vishwanathan who were last year’s defending champions, on 6-1 split.

2. FOLC- B team (which included Shanil Wijesinha, Vishakha Wijenayake and Rhadeena de Alwis) was unlucky not to break to the top 8 and finished on 3 wins. Despite some bad adjudication in a couple of rounds (where even the opposition admitted they had lost) the team was ranked 3rd on the tab on Speaker scores (Behind Nanda cross (1) and FOLC –A (2)).

3. All 6 speakers (from the two teams) were ranked in the top 25 in the speaker tab this included Luwie Ganeshathasan (4th), Shamalie Jayatunge (5th), Shanil Wijesinha (8th), David Rajasingham (9th), Rhadeena de Alwis (11th), Vishakha Wijenayake (22nd).

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