Monday, June 14, 2010

DC Schools League - Week 05 - CIS, LC triumph

The concluded week saw two debates in the Debaters' Council Schools League 2010.

Ladies' College completed a comfortable double against traditional rivals Bishop's College at Boyd Place yesterday beating the latter by a 5 point margin. The girls from Colombo 07 opposed the motion 'THW ban the physical punishment of children by parents'.

Colombo International School entered the fray this week on a successful note by beating St. Joseph's College in a first round debate held at Maradana on the same day. SJC proposed the motion "THBT South American countries should nationalize their natural resources". The debate was decided on a 1 point margin but was held by the adjudicators as a poor one

Friday, June 11, 2010

DC Schools League - Week 04 - SJC, LC and Metho record wins

Week 04 of the DC Schools League 2010 saw 3 debates with 6 of the 8 teams taking part.

In the first debate, SJC taking on D. S Senanayake College at home, beat the visitors by a comfortable 5 point margin proposing the motion "THW scrap the National List when electing the legislature."

Ladies' College in their first debate of the season beat traditional rivals Bishop's College in a separate debate held at Flower Road. The hosts proposed the motion "THBT the ideal of indivisible human rights is not suited to developing nations"

Methodist College surprised tournament favorites Wesley College beating them at a very close debate. The debate was held to be generally poor. The motion for debate was "TH supports a ban on the use of runway models below a healthy BMI"