Monday, October 26, 2009

AAIC DC Schools League - Debates 41,42 & 43 - ...and then there were three

The three league debates held last week turned out to be crucial deciders for the teams at the higher end of the table.

In the first of the tussles, Bishop's College concluded their final debate of the season against Methodist College in their 2nd round debate at Kollupitiya. This win made Bishop's College the first qualifier for the Grand Final of the League to be held in early December, with an unsurpassable 9 wins against their name.

Both rounds of debate between St. Joseph's College & Wesley College were also held on the same day. Wesley College beat their hosts in the prepared round by a comfortable margin of 3 points on the topic "THBT China should ratify post Kyoto-Protocol." In the return debate, Wesley College again got the better of their opponents winning the debate by 2 points albeit on a split decision.

The commendable double by Wesley College now puts WC and SJC in close competition for the second spot at the Finale, while champions of the Sri Lanka Schools Debating Championships 2009, S. Thomas' College now find themselves competing for the fourth position (which guarantees automatic qualification for the 2010 edition of the DC Schools Leageu) on the table with Colombo International School, notably the runner up at the same tournament.

The remaining 5 debates would prove crucial to all the aforesaid teams as they battle to secure their respective positions in the competition.

The detailed results of the previous week's debates are as follows

Methodist College vs Bishop's College - 0-3 (BC)
St. Joseph's College vs Wesley College - 0-3 (WC)
Wesley College vs St. Joseph's College - 2-1 (WC)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lilian Nixon Challenge Shield 2009 - S. Thomas' retain honors

The Lilian Nixon Challenge Shield 2009, organized by Ladies' College was worked off on the 17th of October 2009.

The tournament, which took place over 2 days saw the participation of 20 teams from DC member and non-member schools and exhibited keen competition amongst the participants.

After 5 rounds of debate, S. Thomas' College (the defending champions) and Wesley College were pitted against each other in the Grand Final debate on the 18th of October 2009. At the conclusion of a close debate, STC emerged victors yet again.

David Rajasingham from S. Thomas' College was recognized as the most outstanding speaker of the competition.

The other teams breaking into the Quarter Finals were as follows.

Colombo International School - Semi Finalist
Visakha Vidyalaya - Semi Finalist
Royal College
St. Joseph's College "B"
Ananda College
Methodist College

Ladies' College is a full member school of the Debaters' Council and the tournament was endorsed by the Council.

We wish to congratulate Ladies' College on a successfully organized competition

Sunday, October 11, 2009

AAIC DC Schools League - Updated points table

With the inaugural Asian Alliance Insurance DC Schools League moving into its latter stages, the 40 debates thus far seen have yielded many keen tussles, upsets and vast improvements.

However, with the exit of Royal College from the tournament, only 8 more debates remain in the competition. Nonetheless, we are no closer to determining who the finalists will be with 4 of the remaining 7 teams in with the statistical chance of qualifying for the same.

Bishop's College remains at the top of the table with 8 wins out of 11 debates. St. Joseph's College and Wesley College have both enjoyed commendable winning streaks over the last 6 weeks and have moved up the rankings and now threaten to overtake Bishop's College.

It must be remembered that the 4 top teams will automatically qualify for next year's league while the others will be relegated to compete amongst other teams at next year's Sri Lanka Schools Debating Championship to qualify yet again.

AAIC DC Schools League - Debates 39 & 40 - SJC have field day

St. Joseph's College ran through Colombo International School at two separate debates held on Saturday at Maradana.

The hosts, proposing in the 1st round debate, beat the visitors in an extremely hard fought contest. The 2nd round debate however yielded better results for St. Joseph's, with the team beating their opponents by a comfortable 6 point margin.

The detailed results of the debates are as follows:

St. Joseph's College vs Colombo International School - 3-0 (SJC)
Colombo International School vs St. Joseph's College - 0-3 (SJC)

AAIC DC Schools League - Royal bow out

The Convenor of the Asian Alliance Insurance DC Schools League hereby informs that Royal College has been disqualified from the tournament over providing more than the allowed 2 walkovers per team.

All other participating teams are advised that the points table will be adjusted to reflect the position that Royal College never took part in the tournament. As such all points earned (or lost) against the school at debates will be forefeited.