Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lilian Nixon Challenge Shield 2009 - S. Thomas' retain honors

The Lilian Nixon Challenge Shield 2009, organized by Ladies' College was worked off on the 17th of October 2009.

The tournament, which took place over 2 days saw the participation of 20 teams from DC member and non-member schools and exhibited keen competition amongst the participants.

After 5 rounds of debate, S. Thomas' College (the defending champions) and Wesley College were pitted against each other in the Grand Final debate on the 18th of October 2009. At the conclusion of a close debate, STC emerged victors yet again.

David Rajasingham from S. Thomas' College was recognized as the most outstanding speaker of the competition.

The other teams breaking into the Quarter Finals were as follows.

Colombo International School - Semi Finalist
Visakha Vidyalaya - Semi Finalist
Royal College
St. Joseph's College "B"
Ananda College
Methodist College

Ladies' College is a full member school of the Debaters' Council and the tournament was endorsed by the Council.

We wish to congratulate Ladies' College on a successfully organized competition

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