Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ladies' College and Wesley College make the nation proud

Ladies' College and Wesley College, participated at the Second Asian Schools Debating Championship 2010 held in Manila. After seven rounds of heated debates on a wide variety of themes Both A and B teams of Ladies' College and Wesley College advanced to the octo finals as the top 12th,5th and 4th teams in the preliminary rounds.A team of Ladies' College advanced to the quarter finals after beating the Ladies' College B team in what was termed a 'cannibalistic' round. Ladies College A team advanced to the semi finals and lost the semi finals in a close 4-3 split decision.The Ladies' College C team narrowly missed the main break and advanced to the Novice Championship out of which they emerged winners. Shamalie Jayatunge the coach of Ladies' College was ranked as the 8th best adjudicator of the tournament from the breaking adjudicators. Manisha Dissanayake was ranked second best speaker of the tournament and Kalyaani Vickneswaran was ranked as 8th best speaker in the speaker tabs.

The respective Ladies' College teams were as following. the A team comprised of Meghal Perera,Naomi Wijetunge and Enakshi Wickramanayake. The B team comprised of Kalyaani Vickneswaran,Manisha Dissanayake and Radeeni Algama. The C team comprised of Anisha Dias Bandaranaike,Radhika Sundararaj and Sunela Pathirana.

The Wesley College team which broke 4th in with 6-1 win ratio to the main break lost the quarterfinals in a controversial split decision. The teams representing Wesley College consisted of Maleen Jayasuriya,Chrisjit Xavier and Sithira Gunasekara.
All in all the competition was both enjoyable and an eye opener it is hoped that more teams will participate in next years edition in South Korea.

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