Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DC Schools League - Points Table - Tables turn as CIS take the lead

47 of the 56 first round debates of the DC Schools League 2010 have been completed as we enter into the last month of competition and the above are the standings as at today.

Teams already relegated

Based on current standings and theoretical possibilities, St. Joseph's College, Methodist College, D. S Senanayake College and Bishop's College have already taken the 4 slots to be relegated back into the pool from which next year's 4 new contestants will be chosen from. However standings within these four could change based on the results from next month's debates

Ladies' College face up hill task to enter final

With their surprise loss to D. S Senanayake College last week, Asians' Semifinalists Ladies' College will now face an up hill task if they are to enter the finals. With only one debate left (compared to 3 or more for S. Thomas' College and Wesley College), they will be keen to win it convincingly, before they allow fate and the numbers' game to set in.

Three way competition for entry into finals, CIS seem favorites

With 5 teams seemingly out of the reckoning, the competition has now closed down on 3 teams battling it out to qualify for the finals. Colombo International School, with 9 wins out of 11 seem favorites to cross the finish line first. However the most interesting competition could prove to be between Wesley College and S. Thomas' College with the 2 debates scheduled on October 23rd (the final day of debates) between the 2 teams becoming a potential semi final.

The remaining 9 debates in the league promise to be exciting times for the competition

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