Wednesday, July 7, 2010

EurOpen 2010 Stuttgart Debating Tournament

Dear global debating community!

We hereby announce and invite you to our this year's EurOpen 2010 Open International Debating Championship in Stuttgart and Tubingen!

This tournament will take place in World Schools Format from

SAT 6th - SAT 13th NOVEMBER 2010.

We expect a mix of many international teams, as well as local school teams to spend six days of good debates, sightseeing and plain fun here in the southwest of Germany.

--Team size and composition--

Due to room restrictions at schools we need to cap the number of teams at 40. We're aiming at 15 local teams and 25 openings for teams who need accommodation.
If you are a local team, we'd like you to sign up only if it is possible for you to name two judges, so that you can provide at least one judge on each tournament day. If this is not in any way possible, please contact us prior to signup.
International teams (or German teams who need accommodation) need to bring at least one judge. This can also be the coach.
Number of speakers for both groups is a maximum of six.

--Accommodation and fees--

All international teams will be accommodated in one or two hostels, depending on the number of signups. If you team needs accommodation, we will need roughly 200EUR from each of your team members. Unfortunately, we cannot be more precise about that as of yet. These costs cover all transportation, as well as room and board. Part fee may vary with financial support and sponsoring but should not exceed this value.
If you are 'local' enough to spend the nights elsewhere, we'd like you to pay 25EUR administration fee per participant.

--Registration-- now open and ends on 30th SEPTEMBER 2010. This deadline will be final, we're afraid, since we'll publish the draw right afterwards. We have created a webpage through which you can register your team.


A tentative schedule can be found on our webpage as well.


There will be eight preliminary rounds, from which FIVE will be prepared. All final rounds are impromptus. Prep time for the final is 2 hours.

This House...

1) would give foreigners domiciled in a country the right to vote in that country's general elections
2) would scrap the euro
3) would repatriate cultural artefacts
4) would abolish aid to Third World countries
5) would support measures to allow oil drilling in ecologically sensitive areas.

The motions can also be found here:

--What else?--

That is up to you. If you have any questions whatsoever, do not hesitate to ask us:

David Whitehead (convenor)
Christopher Sanchez (convenor)
Timo Schwander (registration and webpage)
Carmen Belafi (accommodation)
Sabine Koole (registration)

There are many more to help us, but they'll have to wait for you to sign up and get the tournament started ;) So what are you waiting for?

Also visit our society's webpage here:

We've used the WSDC contacts to create this e-mail list. If you want to be off our distribution list, please let us know.

Hoping to see you all soon here with us in Stuttgart and Tubingen!
David, Chris, Timo, Carmen and Sabine