Thursday, July 1, 2010

Asian Schools Debating Championships - Letter of invitation

Dear Asian Debate Community,

Now in its 2nd year, the Asian Schools Debate Championship is once again inviting you to be a part of this prestigious competition.

What is ASDC, you may ask? (OMG. What rock have you been living under? Just kidding!) Here are 7 Reasons Why You Must Join ASDC:

1. It is the by far LARGEST and most PRESTIGIOUS Asian high school debate tournament, gathering more than 300 students from the region.

ASDC will invite and welcome 80 teams composed of high school debaters and college adjudicators alike. No other competition for high school students in Asia convenes as much as ASDC does. During last year’s ASDC, institutions from countries such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea and the Philippines came to grace the competition. This year, we’re expecting more countries and more teams to join the fastest growing tournament for the Asian high school circuit.

2. It is an avenue for CULTURAL EXCHANGE as it pools together young individuals with different traditions and diverse perspectives.

ASDC is not all tournament and debate. With 3 social events: The Opening Dinner, Break Night and Championship Dinner, the tournament gives all debaters and adjudicators a chance to interact with each other in a venue outside of debate. There will, in fact, be one occasion where we will enjoin everyone to come in their national costumes and get to know the different colors of Asia.

3. It fosters SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS and INTELLECTUAL DISCOURSE amongst the youth today.

ASDC will take on the Asian Parliamentary Format, a 3-on-3 debate where teams are given 30 minutes to prepare on motions that will be announced impromptu. Motions will be created by the Adjudication Core and will range from topics such as the Environment, to Economics, to Foreign Policy and Pop Culture. This meeting of the minds fosters social awareness and social transformation amongst the youth of Asia.

4. It prides itself with top-notch ADJUDICATION.

The 2010 ASDC Adjudication Core will be headed by Carlito Reyes II (DLSU, Philippines), a national semi-finalist and hailed one of the best speakers in Asia in the recently concluded Asians BP. Along with him are the following Deputy Chief Adjudicators:

Skanda Prasad (MSRIT, India)

Zheng Bo (China)

Meor Alif (IIU, Malaysia)

Sadhana Rai (NUS, Singapore)

In the spirit of a diverse adjudication pool, ASDC will be subsidizing 10 international adjudicators’ registration fee. Interested adjudicators may apply by submitting their Curriculum Vitae to the Adjudication Core through e-mail. CVs may be sent to asianschoolsdebatec hampionship@, with the subject APPLICATION FOR ADJUDICATION SUBSIDY- , .

The adjudication rule for this competition is different from other tournaments. For every 3 teams that an institution wishes to send, the contingent is required 1 adjudicator. Any team in excess of 3 teams will require 1 additional adjudicator per team.

5. It is organized by a WORLD-CLASS ORGANIZATION adept in hosting both national and global tournaments and competitions.

ASDC is brought to you by the La Salle Debate Society (LSDS). LSDS has hosted various national tournaments in the past years, as well as earning rights to host international tournaments in the future. The National Asian Schools Debate Championship, a national Asian tournament for high schools, was the birthplace for the idea to host a larger tournament, thus giving birth to the first ever Asian Schools Debate Championship (ASDC). LSDS also won the right to host the 2011-2012 World Universities Debate Championship, winning the bid against Harthouse, from Canada.

6. It gives you a taste of Filipino culture and hospitality while getting your money’s worth.

Registration Fee is set at PHP 4,000 (USD 90) for Stay-out Delegates while PHP 9,000 (USD 200) for Stay-in Delegates. Your registration fee covers Lunch for all days, Food during Social events and tournament kits. If your institution is a Stay-in Delegation, you registration covers all of the above including Accommodations for 5 days in at least a 3-star hotel, Breakfast on all days of the competition and Dinner for days without Social events.

7. It gives you the voice to make this competition your own.

This is the last year De La Salle University and the La Salle Debate Society will be hosting ASDC because we’re putting the hosting of ASDC up for bids. This year, the Organizing Committee is hosting the first ever Asian Schools Council (ASC), where every institution is given a voice to air out their concerns on the various aspects of the competition and suggestions to improve the tournament in the future. Institutions interested to bid will also be invited to present their intentions for the tournament.

We’re excited about hosting you this September 7-11, 2010 in De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines. So, what are you waiting for? Log on to www.asdc2010. com and register your institution now! REGISTRATION IS NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN! Slots are filling up fast so get on clicking!

Attached are the registration details and schedule the we will follow for the entire process.


Crystal Anne J. Francisco
"Future President of the Philippines"
Convenor, 2nd Asian Schools Debate Championship
BS in Applied Economics, De La Salle University

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