Monday, July 5, 2010

DC Schools League - Points table - Metho lead, LC and CIS standout

20 debates of the DC Schools League 2010 have been completed thus far and the following are the standings at the end of the same.

Methodist College, having completed a majority of their debates lead the table with 4 wins and 14 points. However, with other teams completing further debates the chart toppers are expected to slide down the table in coming weeks. However the standouts have been Colombo International School whose recent double against S. Thomas' College puts them at 2nd place and Ladies' College who have enjoyed an unbeaten run thus far this year.

Defending champions Wesley College and last year's runner up Bishop's College have not had a good outing thus far. The 2 schools currently hold the 6th and 7 places on the table.

However, with 36 more debates to go, the tournament still remains very much open. All eyes will be on whether Ladies' College can further their unbeaten run and whether schools in the middle of the table can catch up to the leaders. The coming weeks promise to be an exciting time for the League.

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