Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Holy Land Open 2009

Dear friends,

We are happy to announce the dates for the Holy Land Open 2009!

The opening party will be the evening of Thursday, June 4th and the closing party will be the evening of Sunday, June 7th.

Thursday June 4th will also be a day of workshops. These workshops will be free for anyone registered as a participant (debater or adjudicator) of the Holy Land Open.

So... reserve the dates! Book your flights! And keep checking the group for further updates! We'll have the final registration fee and more details posted within the next week or so.

Make sure all your debating friends know and join this group to stay updated.

All the best and please be in touch if you have any questions,

Hadar Radzinski and Hayah Eichler
Holy Land Open 2009

More information on the tournament can be found here

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