Tuesday, November 2, 2010

DC Schools League - Final Points Table - CIS, STC enter finals

After 6 long months, 56 exciting debates and a very tense last month we now have our finalists for the DC Schools' League 2010.

With 11 wins and 29 points, Colombo International School top the rankings in the preliminary rounds and enter the finals as firm favorites.

After a close battle with Wesley College, S. Thomas' College have taken the 2nd spot edging out their competitors by a single point. They enter the finals with 10 wins and 29 points.

Wesley College will be disappointed to have been placed 3rd having entered the competition as favorites. More disappointing would be the fact that they missed out on a spot in the finals by 1 point. However, they can boast of an impressive record of 10 wins and 28 points during the tournament.

Having returned an impressive 8 wins and 26 points, Ladies' College bring up the rear of those automatically qualifying for DC Schools' League 2010 being placed 4th.

St. Joseph's College, Methodist College, D. S Senanayake College and Bishop's College have all turned in commendable performances over the past 6 months but will now be relegated back into the general pool from which they will have to qualify once again next year.

Over the past 6 months, the quality of debates turned in by the 8 participating schools has been outstanding with marked improvements being made along the way. Congratulations to all the debaters, coaches and teachers in charge concerned. Congratulations especially to our 2 finalists, Colombo International School and S. Thomas' College for the high standards of debating displayed over the course of the tournament.

Not to be forgetten are the untiring efforts of our two convenors, Mr. David Rajasingham and Mr. Michael Mendis without whom the the schedule of debates could not have been completed on time and also our two chief adjudicators, Mr. Rehan Almeida and Mr. Anisha Yasaratne for ensuring a panel of high quality adjudicators at each debate

The date of the grand finals will be announced in due course.

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