Tuesday, May 18, 2010

DC Schools League 2010 - Metho off to a flier

The 2nd edition of the Debaters' Council Schools League got underway at Kollupitiya on Saturday with Methodist College taking on S. Thomas' College and D. S Senanayake College at home in impromptu debates.

At the first debate, Methodist College beat S. Thomas' College by a 2 point margin proposing the motion THBT Supreme Court Judges should be elected. At the second, the hosts beat D. S Senanayake College by a clearer 4 point margin proposing the motion THW compel priests to divulge the details of confessionals in criminal trials.

The successful double means that Methodist College has reaped first advantage at this year's league. All bodes well for a competitive tournament to come.

The detailed results are as follows

Methodist College vs S. Thomas' College - 3-0 (MC)
Methodist College vs D. S Senanayake College - 3-0 (MC)

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