Sunday, February 21, 2010

DC Maverick opens - Rankings and Semi Final Update from the Convenor

Hi everyone,

Thank you again for your participation at this year’s DC Maverick tournament and congratulations for your excellent performance. For those who were unable to make it we had 65 participants in all with 22 breaking to the semi final round as debaters and adjudicators.

Under Rule 18 the Semi Final matches will be as follows (in italics are the partners picked by the top 14 and in brackets are the rankings from the Prelims):

SF 1:
OG Guru (1), Raneesha (17)
OO Luwie (3), Meghal (20 / Schools 4)
CG Sachintha (6), Sanduni (22)
CO Aruna (8), Deborah
Adj Kandasamy (9), Michael (11), Hafiz (13)

SF 2:
OG Visakha (2), Sasha (42)
OO Shamalie (4), Naomi (32)
CG Shan (5), Poornima (28)
CO Shanil (7), Enakshi (40)
Adj Damitha (10), Radheena (12), Shazna (15)

Considering we are still finding our feet with this tournament format we appreciate your patience yesterday. We also request any further feedback in order to refine the format considerably based on your experience.

Thanks again and hope you had fun!

Best regards,

Anisha Yasaratne

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