Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jessica Prince and Alex Campbell to visit Sri Lanka

Jessica Prince, The world's no. 1 ranked debater in 2007 and Alex Campbell, the former Head Coach of the Oxford Union (both alumni of Oxford University, UK) will be in Sri Lanka on a coaching tour from the 1st to the 14th of August 2009.

The coaches will be here on a mandate to coach the Sri Lanka Schools Debating Team for WSDC 2010. They will also conduct workshops for all schools and universities debaters. Select inhouse corporate training workshops will also be conducted.

More details of scheduled events will be posted here shortly.

The profiles of the trainers are as below.

Jessica Prince

Jessica Prince was the world’s number one ranked debater in 2007, having won the coveted title of Best Speaker at the World Universities Debating Championship in 2007. She has extensive coaching experience, including working with the Canadian World Schools team for various years, training under-privileged children in London, coaching the 2008 Qatar World Schools team, running debate workshops at the Oxford Union and training young executives in the Corporate sector.
Jessica is a Canadian from Victoria, British Columbia. She has a BA (Hons) in Political Science from McGill University in Canada and a 2nd BA (Senior Status) in Law from Oxford University. Jessica has represented Canada at the World Schools Debatnig Championships, and was the President of CUSID (the Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate), winner of the Canadian British Parliamentary Championships, top speaker at the one-time North American Women's Championships, and a two-time finalist of the Canadian Nationals while at McGill. During her time at Oxford, Jessica was also Grand Finalist in the Cambridge IV, which is the most prestigious Debating Competition in the UK.

Alex Campbell

Alex Campbell is a former Head Coach of the prestigious Oxford Union. An American from Boston, Massachusetts, he has an MPhil in Economics from Oxford University and a BA (Hons) in Economics from McGill University, Canada. Alex was one of the top 10 speakers at the 2007 World Universities Championships, as well as the only person to make the Grand Finals of both the Canadian and British National Championships. While functioning as Head Coach of one of the oldest and most revered debating institutions in the world, comprising over 1000 members, he has taught weekly workshops and created a comprehensive coaching curriculum.
In 2007, Alex traveled to Hong Kong as part of a three week teaching tour for the English Speaking Union. In 2008, he spent over a month in Qatar, giving workshops for over 20 schools and for over 500 students and faculty. After Oxford, Alex worked at Lehman Brothers as a proprietary equity derivatives trader, and will be attending Stanford University next spring in the pursuit of an MBA.

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