Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Top Speakers for the year

The official speaker tab for the 04th Sri Lanka Schools Debating Championship organized by the Moot Court & Debating Society of the University of Colombo is as above. The top 20 ranked Debaters qualifying under the age requirement will be eligible to take part at the selection workshops organized by the Debaters' Council to select the Sri Lanka Schools Team for WSDC 2010.

Please note that only the top 40 speakers have been ranked to avoid heartbreak for those who ended up closer to the end of the line

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  1. Burst out laughing when reading "to avoid heartbreak"... debaters shouldn't scale their prowess based on a speaker tab, which inevitably fails to be accurate. There were many judges at that tournament, and while some of them really enjoy doing a Simon Cowell, some others really had a day handing out marks. From being 72 last year to 9 this year, I myself have some questions on the accuracy of "speaker tabs". Just because I'm up there (hardly in the top10, though) doesn't mean I'm good, and just because your down there (below40) doesn't mean you are bad. Maybe the DC which omprises experienced, senior debaters should make some sort of "Please Note" below this post. The only way speaker tabs can be accurate is if adjudicator opinions can be standardised, which by virtue of these people being debaters, would be kind of impossible, ney?

    Hope the DCL tab would be a lot more accurate, since there are 14 debates to judge one school by and the same adjudicators will be going around. :)